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Group Rules

If you are looking for a place to promote your hetero, yuri, or yaoi, pics, fics, stamps, and comics of MLP: FiM, then this is the place. Please take a few minutes to read our rules please

1: All are welcome to join, and all are welcome to submit any kinds of artwork of all kinds of pairings for FiM.

2: Submit artwork to the right folders please. There are so many folders that it's impossible for you to NOT put the right pairing in the right folder. You may put pics, stamps, comics, or fics in the correct folders.

3: We welcome mature art or fics here of pairings, so feel free to add some here.

4: No flaming other members for liking a pairing or for preferring a specific ship like yuri. We accept all kinds of ships here and members shouldn't fight over such trifling things such as a pairing they don't like. Any pony caught doing that will be banned.

5: Only 8 deviations are allowed in each folder, per day.

6: Don't let your OC pony feel left out! If you have an OC pony paired with another OC pony or an OC paired with one of the ponies in this show, feel free to submit it here then!

7: It doesn't always have to be love pics, or fics, or comics, you can have a pairing hanging out as friends as well.

8: If you have another folder you want created, let us know and we'll make it!

9: Any problems or questions, contact one of the admins here and we'll deal with it ASAP.

10: Have fun here and spread the love or show the love for whatever pairing you support for FiM! :D



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If you have any questions or concerns about this group, please contact one of these admins so we can help you out.



Hey guys, Mr. D here with the newest LTS, Now I am sorry I haven't been able to do this avidly like I wanted to, I just really haven't had any really good ideas, And since no one had been suggesting anything, I was kinda without a paddle.

Eitherway, I'm back now with a few new ideas we can talk about.

Moving on to today's topic

"Poison joke everypony?"


So I was rewatching E15 of season 4 "Filli Vanilli" and at the part where flutters take the PJ for Big mac, I had a question pop into my head, What would happen to any other pony if they were affected by the poison joke? Like say Celestia, Cadence, or Non-ponies like Gilda, Chrysalis, and Discord, or even Zecora where exposed to it.

Now I know Zecora is pretty much an expert on it, Discord is the pure avatar of chaos, and chrysalis... well I got nothin' on her right now. But lets just say they some how get exposed to it, what do you think would happen to them... or any character.

it could be from Auizotl to Zippowheel and not limited to the ones I mentioned.

Effects, good or bad what do you think would, or could happen?

but really, what matters is what you stallions think, So opinions, Comments, Questions. Line em up and shoot em out... and lets get typing!
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What about TwiBurn?
What, AppleShill gets no love? :(

Then again, I may be the only person to ever ship them. ;P
RainbowAsh14 Apr 8, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Can you add a Written Script x Carrot Top folder?...please
Here's a question i have been wondering for a while. does anyone know where the My little pony Braeburn and Soarin ship came from or how it came about? 
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