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Group Rules

If you are looking for a place to promote your hetero, yuri, or yaoi, pics, fics, stamps, and comics of MLP: FiM, then this is the place. Please take a few minutes to read our rules please

1: All are welcome to join, and all are welcome to submit any kinds of artwork of all kinds of pairings for FiM.

2: Submit artwork to the right folders please. There are so many folders that it's impossible for you to NOT put the right pairing in the right folder. You may put pics, stamps, comics, or fics in the correct folders.

3: We welcome mature art or fics here of pairings, so feel free to add some here.

4: No flaming other members for liking a pairing or for preferring a specific ship like yuri. We accept all kinds of ships here and members shouldn't fight over such trifling things such as a pairing they don't like. Any pony caught doing that will be banned.

5: Only 8 deviations are allowed in each folder, per day.

6: Don't let your OC pony feel left out! If you have an OC pony paired with another OC pony or an OC paired with one of the ponies in this show, feel free to submit it here then!

7: It doesn't always have to be love pics, or fics, or comics, you can have a pairing hanging out as friends as well.

8: If you have another folder you want created, let us know and we'll make it!

9: Any problems or questions, contact one of the admins here and we'll deal with it ASAP.

10: Have fun here and spread the love or show the love for whatever pairing you support for FiM! :D



Gallery Folders


If you have any questions or concerns about this group, please contact one of these admins so we can help you out.



You read that right, there is a 500 USD art contest being held by :iconkydosexrarity:

What the gist?

To put it simply... He holding a contest with 5 possible ways featuring his OC and Rarity to win. Basically submit an image to one or all for a chance to win between 1 and 500$, Read on after the break for more.

Source : 500$ Kydos/Rarity shipping contest


#1 Kydose can't fly, but that doesn't mean his wings are useless. Draw a picture of Kydose using his wings to help, impress, or please his dear Rarity.

#2 Kydose and Rarity enjoy most of their time together peacefully, but even they have moments of turmoil. Draw a picture of them sharing a lovers quarrel or making up from one.  

#3 Bedtime Hugs, snuggles, and cuddles. Draw Kydose and Rarity sleeping together keeping each other close, or sharing an intimate moment together in bed. (BE CAREFUL TO READ THE RULES FOR THIS ONE)

#4 Kydose and Rarity celebrate Thanksgiving, Hearth's Warming, Or Hearts and Hooves day together, sharing all the love and cheer of the holidays with one another.

#5 Free draw. Simply draw a nice picture of Kydose spending some time with Rarity.

Due date:

-Send your picture(s) to me before the end date of 2/14/15 (February 14th 2015). Then publish an entry in your journal copying this journal with a link back to my page. Once those steps are completed you are in the contest ^.^-

Allowed art styles:

All art styles are welcome


*Please read the source journal for more information*

-Mr. D
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So I made a bet... Read all about it here:…

I have to forward this everywhere as part of the bet, so sorry if I may be spamming... Anyways I hope I win, Because damn, this is going to make me look bad. LOL
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How come there's no folder for FlashShimmer?
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I Have started a story of AplleDash and TwiShimmer and I was wonderin if I could find a proofreader at here. Because there might be big grammatical mistakes.
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