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If you are looking for a place to promote your hetero, yuri, or yaoi, pics, fics, stamps, and comics of MLP: FiM, then this is the place. Please take a few minutes to read our rules please

1: All are welcome to join, and all are welcome to submit any kinds of artwork of all kinds of pairings for FiM.

2: Submit artwork to the right folders please. There are so many folders that it's impossible for you to NOT put the right pairing in the right folder. You may put pics, stamps, comics, or fics in the correct folders.

3: We welcome mature art or fics here of pairings, so feel free to add some here.

4: No flaming other members for liking a pairing or for preferring a specific ship like yuri. We accept all kinds of ships here and members shouldn't fight over such trifling things such as a pairing they don't like. Any pony caught doing that will be banned.

5: Only 8 deviations are allowed in each folder, per day.

6: Don't let your OC pony feel left out! If you have an OC pony paired with another OC pony or an OC paired with one of the ponies in this show, feel free to submit it here then!

7: It doesn't always have to be love pics, or fics, or comics, you can have a pairing hanging out as friends as well.

8: If you have another folder you want created, let us know and we'll make it!

9: Any problems or questions, contact one of the admins here and we'll deal with it ASAP.

10: Have fun here and spread the love or show the love for whatever pairing you support for FiM! :D



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Uh, before we start while i assume many of us have watched both episodes, and many more have watched them more than once today.

I still feel inclined to put a big


Warning before hand so again thar be


in the comments below.


So, where to begin? I feel this eisode has been uh... how RD would say "Superawesomemazng", The different timeslines ll getting progressivly darker each time, seeing what would happen if certain villains were in charge had they not've been beaten.

All of it was awesome and action packed, I think my personal favorite alternate time lines were Chrysi's and Sombras, As I am a war history fan and just generally love stuff like Terminator and last ditch resistance fights.

Best of all was RD being straght up badass in the Sombra universe, battle scars, torn ear, metal prosthetic wing and everything, I'm not a super huge RD fan, but I do like her more than your average background horse XD, and this episode makes me wish for an Equestrian nuclear winter.

Staright being a smart villain was a plus as well, granted it was like yelling at a wall, I mean understand twilight, You gotta be all "project purity"and such, but sometimes taking 45. and placing it on someones forehead would an easier way of show them a light shining in the darkness, but W/e.

Anyways, I honestly feel all of these alternate universes would have been perfect for their own personal episodes, or series XD, Was a little disappointed there wasn't one where all the bad guys existed and fought over the land, buuut I suppose we could sum that up to the final one Twi and Glims visited.

Just assume everything fought everything and everything died XD, or if you've ever read the old fic "Mare at the end of time" we can roll with that idea. Really if i had to beef this episode and had some bombed harder than mariposa military base, then I'd have to say the really copoutty ending.

I mean yea, Starlight could i guess be justified in her feelings, but she was straight up religious zealot about them, she was willing to fight in her time loop for the rest of eternity, Twilight was like "We can stop, we'll just keep repeating over and over" and Glimglimswas like "So? Does this look like a face of giving fucks?", and then all of a sudden, a few moments of repeating everything that's already been said and bam, problem solved.

Ehhh, I wanna sum it up to them not having enough time to slowdown the train, and hasbro like "3 parter episode? lol nope", So they had to resolve it as best they could, still was a it of a trainwreck, but at least the ride to it was amazing, I just think them lapsing into a 3rd episode woulda' been a it more beneficial, and hey maybe we coulda seen a "Sunset controlled" timeline right? or better yet a Darth brad timeline

But oh well, I suppose we can just shuffle that into the bonyard of unused ideas, but ya know it's not as far fetched as having frank horrigan as a friend in fallout 5 right? Anyways, that about sums up my thoughts, I honestly have to say it feels like this episode hit the community like a turbo sledge to rhombus in LOS, and that really feels like a good thing.

Share your thoughts i the comments below.


P.s. I cant think of anything to say fr Fallout tactics...
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